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Canada and Switzerland Officially Recognize Homeopathic Professionals

Queen Elizabeth’s long life attributed to Homeopathy

Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt Uses Homeopathy

Astroturf and Homeopathy

Full Scientific Trial on The Successful Treatment of Hot Flushes 

Cuba Study On Leptospirosis

Dutch Study Shows Homeopathy Has Economic and Personal Benefits

New Study Proves Remedies Are Active

New York Times: Anti- Homeopathy Bloggers and  Anti- Homeopathy Medical Writers May Work for Drug Companies

Famous People Love Homeopathy

Finding a Good Homeopath

New Studies on Homeopathy’s Effectiveness

Northern Ireland Study Shows Patients Love Homeopathy

India Has A Remarkable Number of Homeopaths- Over 400,000 and growing by 13,000 per year!

Positive Results for AIDS study with Homeopathic Remedy

Leading Science Journal Publishes Positive Homeopathic Remedy Test Results

French Chronic Pain Study


Homeopathy Teacher Series

Jan Scholten

Rajan Sankaran

George Vithoulkas

Louis Klein


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