Homeopathy Teacher Series- Jan Scholten MD

This is part of series on Homeopathy Teachers by Homeopathy Resource.

Jan Scholten is a Dutch teacher and author and has revolutionized homeopathic thinking and practice with a whole new perspective of remedies made from minerals. He has utilized the periodic table as a method of understanding and mapping analogously human development and evolution, a discovery that is very profound and important.
He is the well known author of the books Homeopathy and Minerals and Homeopathy and the Elements. Through these works he introduced this completely new way to understand mineral homeopathic  remedies according to the periodic table.
Jan Scholten was born on December 23rd, 1951, in Helmond (The Netherlands).After high school, Jan Scholten studied chemistry and philosophy before beginning his medical study. He graduated in 1983. Then he studied acupuncture, homeopathy and other alternative medicines. Since 1985, he has had a full time homeopathic practice.
Jan studied with many renowned teachers, including Roger Morrisson, George Vithoulkas, Alphons Geukens, Künzli, Bill Gray and many others. In 1988, he founded the “Homeopathic Doctors Center Utrecht” together with Maria Davits and Rienk Stuut.
He now teaches all over the globe- Europe, Australia, Russia, Middle East, Japan and North America and many other areas. He is currently working on a new perspective of plant homeopathic remedies. He works in a tireless fashion for the promotion and teaching of homeopathy and has started a foundation for homeopathy and  also initiated a successful clinical study of the use of homeopathy in the treatments of AIDS.
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  1. yes, Jan Scholten is a wonderful teacher – and he’ll be teaching in London, 27-28th March, 2010. contact pinnacleseminars@dsl.pipex.com for further details!

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