Successful Use of Homeopathy In Over 2.5 Million People Reported From Cuba

A remarkable successful use of homeopathic prophylaxis was reported from a Cuban conference. Cuba has its own vaccine production and instead of using a conventional medical vaccine homeopathic remedies were distributed to prevent the usual Leptospirosis outbreak after tropical flooding. The results were phenomenally excellent!

The CDC describes Leptospirosis as:

“Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects humans and animals. It is caused by bacteria of the genus Leptospira. In humans it causes a wide range of symptoms, and some infected persons may have no symptoms at all. Symptoms of leptospirosis include high fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches, and vomiting, and may include jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or a rash. If the disease is not treated, the patient could develop kidney damage, meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord), liver failure, and respiratory distress.”

The study has been published in 2010 in The Faculty of Homeopathy Journal:

Results: After the homeoprophylactic intervention a significant decrease of the disease incidence was observed in the intervention regions. No such modifications were observed in non-intervention regions. In the intervention region the incidence of Leptospirosis fell below the historic median. This observation was independent of rainfall.

Conclusions: The homeo-prophylactic intervention was strongly associated with a drastic reduction of disease incidence resulting in complete control of the epidemic. The results support the use of homeopathic prophylactic formulations as a feasible strategy to help control epidemic situations. Integrated approaches should be designed according to regional conditions and epidemic characteristics. Scientific rigour and responsibility should direct further research and application of HP.

Here is a report from an attendee of  a recent conference in Cuba:

A historical and inspiring event took place 10-12 December 2008 in Havana Cuba that I had the honour to attend. There, the Carlos J Finlay Institute under the guidance of its director-general, Dra. Conception Campa Huergo and Dr. Gustavo Bravo and others hosted NOSODES 2008, an International Meeting on Homeoprophilaxis, Homeopathic Immunization and Nosodes against Epidemics.

Homeopaths from Cuba, S America, Canada, Australia, UK, and Kenya (yours truly) made presentations on the wide varieties of successful disease prevention using homeopathy and more specifically, nosodes.

Each presentation was more amazing than the previous. All were very remarkable and notable in the field of research and science. Some of the topics included Childhood Disease Prevention, Homeopathic prophylaxis as an aspect of gov’tal programs, Nosodes Genus Epidemicus and Compexes, Homeoprophylaxis on Agronomy, Homeoprophylaxis on Veternary, Homeoprophylaxis in TB, Homeoprophylaxis in Chagas disease, Homeoprophylaxis in hepatitis, Homeoprophylaxis in Malaria (yours truly, again) and the list of presentations goes on.

(I am sorry for my lack of variety of adjectives for this email – “remarkable”, “awesome” and “amazing” will be repeated often because I have no other way to express my opinion of this conference)

But none of these remarkable speakers, each presenting their amazing work in disease prevention and use of nosodes could not hold a candle to the historical accomplishment of the Cubans in their presentation of controlling the local endemic-epidemic disease of Leptospirosis.

Now, the Finlay Institute is primarily the Cuban research institute that produces allopathic vaccinations for their country. Since Cuba is outcasted by the USA government, they have come to depend on themselves for the making of medicines, health care programs, etc. And since the Cuba is not under the yoke of the international pharmaceutical juggernaut, they are not held back from adopting homeopathy and other alternative medicines wholeheartedly into their national health programmes. The Finlay director-general herself is very pro-homeopathy (not to mention, besides, a macrobiotic vegetarian).

To put it simply, what they presented is this:

Cuba goes through a yearly cycle of Leptospirosis epidemic, especially after the hurricanes flood the countryside and water pollution reaches its height. (Leptospirosis: infectious disease caused by the spirochaete Leptospira transmitted to humans from rats, giving jaundice and kidney damage. Can cause death)

Annually the population is exposed to the disease, most especially after hurricanes.

Until Aug 2007, the Finlay Institute (a part of the Ministry of Public Health, Cuba) has been distributing its own allopathic Lepto vaccination. August is the height of the hurricane season. Annually, many are left homeless, flooded out and under the stress of disaster situation. There is a sharp rise in the lepto epidemic.

The usual expectacy of infection even with allopathic vaccination would have been around a few thousands, with some deaths included.

Part of the reason for this is that the high cost of vaccination prevents putting but the most at-risk populations (ie children, pregnant women, elderly) on vaccination. The cost of such limited vaccination is about US$3,000.000.

But in Aug 2007, Finlay put approximately [2,500,000] people (yes! 5 million doses!) in 2 provinces on homoepathic nosode prophylaxis at the cost of about only US$ 200,000.

That figure represents the entire population of the 2 provinces. The prophylaxis consisted of 2 single doses about 2 weeks apart. Included in the dose was the Lepto nosode + some Bach flower remedies to address the mental distress of the disaster situation.

How very amazing it was to watch this presentation being made. Up to the point, the presenters were showing us graph after graph of the usual rise of the epidemic, year after year, even with the use of allopathic vaccination. Each year the graphs would edge higher and higher towards the year-end, reaching up to the thousands of infected.

But this time, within 2 weeks after Aug 2007, the rising lines literally dropped off the chart to ZERO-Ten infections only! Yes. Near-zero infections, zero deaths from leptospirosis after Aug 2007. And in 2008, no deaths, infections less than 10 a month.

HISTORY MADE for Homeopathy
This mass treatment of 2.5 million people with homeopathy, I don’t believe, has been done anywhere else in the world, not even in India, where homeopathy enjoys the shelter of the government.

And the awesome results of going from hundreds of infected to near-zero in the period of a few weeks, also is historical. My jaw dropped as I watched the graphs demonstrate their success.

The Cuban team readily admits that they have not invented anything new as far as homeopathic philosophy or application. They have simply followed what we homeopaths know to work. And since they have no pharmaceutical multi-nationals to stop them, they were able to do it on a massive scale unknown in the history of homeopathy.

What is remarkable is their application to such a large population, and its dramatic success, with full scientific verification. The results are incontrovertible and undeniable even by the most rabid of anti-homeopaths.

As a word or two about Dra Heurgo, Dr. Bravo and the rest of the Cuban team. Truly remarkable people. “Concita” as Dra Heurgo is lovingly known by the people of Cuba, is well known and loved as a woman who has done remarkable work to improve the health of the population. I found her to be a remarkable person – untiring, passionate about her work and compassionate in her motivation to serve her fellow human beings.

I should like to nominate her for the Nobel Prize.

[This post was edited to show and correct that there were 5 million doses and to 2.5 million people]


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  3. Wow- awesome to see such clear and important info being shared- I am a vet who uses nosodes, and this article will be important in helping me craft my message…

    thanks again, ed

  4. Brilliant! My sincere congratulations to Dra. Conception Campa Huergo, Dr. Gustavo Bravo and their co-workers for such an excellent study! I would be honoured to exchange my own results of targeted immunostimulation (both homeopathic and with pure nutrients) with that group.

  5. can you give me the authors contact mail, since I´m interested in publishing an original paper?


  6. Sorry, I do not have their email address.

  7. This is great! It shows homeopathy can work in such a profound way for so many people. I’m hoping that governments and organizations all around the world take notice and also that this methodology be applied to other epidemics such as Malaria and AIDS.

    It would be fantastic to have such an effective and relatively inexpensive alternative to the expensive conventional drugs and vaccines that have such bad side effects.

    Bravo to all the homeopaths and medical researchers who are doing research and applying homeopathy in these areas!

  8. Homeopathy has personally worked for me and my family. It must be protected against those who have such a high investment in promoting drugs and only science based medicine.

    Drug companies spend billions on marketing and bashing homeopathy. The consumer needs to be aware of this and fight for their right to access homeopathic treatment, whether it is on this kind of scale, or using homeopathy for the treatment of AIDS or for their personal health. It works and needs all our support.

  9. I’ve had terrific results with homeopathy. Over the years I’ve had some serious problems that homeopathy has cured. I know my friends too have the same results.

    As importantly, when I take a homeopathic remedy I generally feel much better!
    So this study, although important, is not as important as my personal experience and I’m glad that many people are sharing those personal experiences of cure. I like that you have famous people in one of the other entries telling of their support and experience with homeopathy.

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  11. Congratulations! It’s a victory for homeopaths. I use also use nosodes in my practice and is highly successful. Cuban doctors are highly intelligent and are hard-working. This field of medicine can only get better from here on.

    It is inexpensive and is very helpful for the poor. Money is not everything. Cuban doctors may not be paid well, but they do take care of people. Proof is by seeing how they continue to progress in the field of natural medicine and homeopath.

  12. Absolutely fantastic.

  13. That’s an incredible success for the Homeopaths, I want to congratulate all those who were involve in this great success, Single remedy & the use of nosodes is a great success for homeopaths.

  14. Nice work getting this information out to the masses. People should start to get a little sense of the power of Homeopathic Healing.

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  16. I was wondering who conducted the trial and how reliable the trial was. I would like to see the final stats in Cuba.

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  18. Excellent … keep up the good wok

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  20. […] to millions of people for a cost of $200,000 US. and it worked! while vaccines never have: Successful Use of Homeopathy In Over 2.5 Million People Reported From Cuba Official Homeopathy Resou… __________________________________________________ _____________ i’ll be posting this whole thing […]

  21. Excellent work.

    Where can I get hold of the actual study? Where has it been published?

    Thanks so much

  22. The study is soon to be published by the Finlay Institute but the exact timing is unknown.

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  25. Today is Sept 5, 2009. Has any further reporting on this been done? I’d like to handout the articles to all the skeptics in my life and would like to have the best available info on this.

  26. We still are awaiting the study to be fully published. But I will check with sources.

  27. […] Vor allem ärmere Länder, deren Gesundheitssystem nicht auf teure Medikamente zurückgreifen kann, nutzen die Homöopathie seit langer Zeit recht erfolgreich. Das gilt für Indien ebenso wie für Kuba. In dem Inselstaat in der Karibik konnte durch die Mittel beispielsweise die Leptospirose (eine Infektionskrankheit, bei der es zu Fieberschüben und Leberschädigungen kommt), fast vollständig eingedämmt werden. vgl:… […]

  28. Great article. Thank you. The use of homeopathy would be a cheap and useful way to treat people.

  29. Great article! I hadn’t heard of homeopathy until now ,thank you for sharing this

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  31. […] Next, I moved on to an article that was in support of the validity of the homeopathic prophylaxis used in Cuba. They state that usually, following annual tropical flooding, there are thousands of cases of leptospirosis, with some deaths resulting. This occurs even when allopathic Lepto vaccine is used because the vaccine is so expensive that it can only be given to the most at-risk groups, such as children, pregnant women an dthe elderly. The cost of vaccinating 2.5 million Cubans with 2 doses of nosode was only $200 000. With this prophylaxis, there were only 10 infections and no deaths as of August in 2007. And the study was repeated the following year, with a result of fewer than 10 infections per month and, again, zero deaths. There is no way this can be attributed to placebo effect.… […]

  32. […] 2007 Cuban Leptospirosis Epidemic In Cuba in August of 2007 part of the country was affected by the annual floods which leave many millions of people homeless and with contaminated water supplies. Due to these floods Cuba suffers from a yearly outbreak of Leptospirosis for which they had been manufacturing their own vaccine. However in 2007 the government was looking for a more cost effective way of treating the Leptospirosis outbreak and they decided to go with homeoprophylaxis, homeopathic immunization. 5 million doses of the homeopathically prepared Leptospirosis (nosode) were given to 2.5 million people affected by the flooding. In years past after the affected populations received the leptospirosis vaccine the number of infected patients would still rise into the thousands by the end of the year with some deaths even reported. However, by the end of 2007 and into 2008 the rate of infection was between 0 – 10 a month with no deaths! […]

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  35. […] [24] See, e.g., “Successful Use of Homeopathy In Over 2.5 Million People Reported From Cuba” (describing use of homeopathy profoundly outperforming vaccines in disease prevention that was scientifically documented), […]

  36. […] Its first success came in 1799 was highly effective in protecting against scarlet fever. In 1902 it was highly effective in protecting against smallpox. During the great Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1920 homeopathic vaccines were highly effective in prevented flu infection. Cubans have had great success with homeopathic vaccines. […]

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