New Study Shows Homeopathy Has Impact On Musculoskeletal Disorders With Fewer Side Effects

A new study  that was published in a leading pharmacology journal shows that homeopathy has an impact on muscular skeletal disorders. The study was completed at the Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health, McGill University, Montreal, Canada; LA-SER Centre for Risk Research, Montreal, Canada

The study followed 1153 patients that were broken down into 3 groups- 1. those who went to a conventional doctor, 2. those who went to an MD who practiced alternative health or complimentary alternative medicine and 3. those who went to a homeopathic medical doctor. The homeopathic patients took 50 per cent less painkillers and yet experienced much benefit and of course less adverse drug effects from the conventional medications.

The conclusion of the study was “MSD patients seen by homeopathic physicians showed a similar clinical progression when less exposed to NSAID in comparison to patients seen in CM practice, with fewer NSAID-related adverse events and no loss of therapeutic opportunity.”- PubMed