Global Outrage Over Australian Buried Report on Homeopathy

The first conclusions of the Australian Research Council were positive about homeopathy. As a result, known anti-homeopathy members of the Council squashed the report and then released a very negative report.

You can positively deal with this outrage now and get the Australian Government and Council (NHMRC) to release the first report.  is a web site you can go to make your voice heard and read about the whole controversy.

The Society of Homeopaths in the United Kingdom reports: “Homeopaths in Australia have launched a global campaign calling on the government there to publish the first version of a review of homeopathy which they claim was deliberately ‘buried’.

The existence of the first report only came to light through a Freedom of Information request (FoI), although its contents have not been published. Campaigners say that the decision to suppress it and use a different methodology for the second review raises serious questions.

Justifying its decision not to publish the first report, NHMRC said its quality was poor, despite the research being carried out by the scientist who had written the council’s own guidelines on conducting evidence reviews.

The new campaign,, is calling for the publication of the original, publicly-funded review in the name of transparency and to give the public access to all available evidence about homeopathy ‘so that they can make informed choices about their healthcare’.

An earlier Your Health, Your Choice campaign which highlighted the ‘flaws’ in the published report and drew public attention to the need to protect access to complementary and alternative medicines in Australia, led to 87,000 people signing a petition. is appealing for support from around the world and is asking people to sign up at its website.”

4 Responses

  1. The first conclusions of the Australian Research Council were positive about homeopathy.

    That’s interesting – have you read this ‘first report’?

  2. Given you’re not publishing the report I don’t see how you can conclude it was positive for homeopathy. That makes your assertion a lie.

  3. Oh Dear me. A reasonable conclusion but in your hands a lie.

  4. Some mass media spread lies. Some examples:

    “Mr Ryan believes that independent entities should coordinate the endeavour. “I think a model such as Sense About Science or The Good Thinking Society in the UK might work,” he says. “These are independent organisations whose job it is to work with the public, government organisations, educational institutions, media and social media to combat pseudoscience and to highlight areas where action and legislation may be needed. A charity or statutory entity might work best in this respect.”

    “During the week, the first of its kind, Sense about Science – an independent campaigning charity – attempted to bring together MPs, peers, parliamentary services to talk about ‘why evidence matters’. Seems important, right? Yet at the same time, I’m sorry to be blunt about this, isn’t this obvious?”

    Sense About Science or her sister Good Thinking Society are not independent organisations. They are a group of lunatic trolls with much time spending around the internet. Check, inform and report the activities or abuse of Alan Henness and his peers. First steps are avaliable to perform a systematic research of SAS lobby and denounce their activities around the world. Share, please!

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