Study of 1,153 French Homeopathy Patients with Chronic Pain Shows 50% Reduced Usage of Painkillers

A long term study approved by the French National Data-Protection Commission and The French National Council of Physicians has shown that homeopathy patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain had a 50 percent reduced use of conventional pain medication, while patients with acute musculoskeletal pain had a 38 percent reduced use.

The researchers acknowledged that musculoskeletal disorders are a leading reason for medical consultation in primary care. The researchers also noted that this nationwide observational study was conducted over one year and that long-term usage of conventional pain medications are known to have numerous minor and serious side effects, as distinct from homeopathic medicines which have a long-time history of safety. Because homeopathic medicine in France is only practiced by MDs, the researchers asserted that maintaining the present reimbursement schedule for homeopathic treatment keeps health care costs down.

The researchers of this study were a diverse and prestigious group of professors of epidemiology, biostatistics, and medicine from the University of Paris, the Pasteur Institute, University of Bordeaux, University of Pierre and Marie Curie, McGill University, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

At present, homeopathic medicine is the leading natural treatment offered by physicians in Europe, where approximately 40 percent of French physicians and 20 percent of German physician prescribe homeopathic medicines regularly (Ullman, 2007). Further, approximately 30 percent of the European population has used homeopathic medicines at some time.

Learn more: Read Dana Ullmans’ article.


2 Responses

  1. There are many remedies used for pain management. Let me take one example of Rhus Tox. Some of the studies where rhus tox had been used for pain management are
    Rhus Tox has been used for pain management, I am including four only.

    1. Inflammation Research
    Rhus Tox inhibits the production of Leukotriene B4 (2004)
    anti-inflammatory action, in vitro

    2. British Medical Journal
    Rhus Tox 6c thrice daily for fibromyalgia (1989)
    Pain & Inflammation in muscles, p<0.05

    3. British Homoeopathic Journal
    Rhus Tox 30c for treatment of burns and skin lesions due to mustard gas (1943)

    Arnica, Bryonia & Rhus Tox for fibromyalgia (1986)

  2. Thank you for this additional information!

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