Queen Elizabeth’s Long Life Attributed to Homeopathy

On her 90th birthday, the London Weekly News reports that in spite of criticism the Queen has used homeopathy all her life and has remarkable good health. In fact, many generations of the Royal family have used homeopathy.


For as The Queen marks her 90th birthday on April 21, that she has reached such an excellent age is largely due to her lifelong trust in homeopathy. Everywhere that Her Majesty goes she is accompanied by a small case of special cures and tinctures and, although doctors no not care to admit it, it is because of her herbal little helpers that she rarely gets a cold or any other sort of complaint.

Empiricists would argue that as both The Queen and the late Queen Mother have been avid fans of homeopathy and as The Queen Mum died at the age of 101, the glaring probability that it works seems to be rather evident.      -London Weekly News

9 Responses

  1. This is a woman who has a difficult family history, (her father died young and many diseases in her family) and a very busy stressful life. Yet she has healthfully lived a very long life. With apparently no conventional medications! It is obvious this is due solely to her reliance on homeopathy.

  2. It is not just long life alone but also quality of life!

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  4. Nothing is due solely to anything. It is always a combination of factors.Having said that homeopathy is a very intelligent choice for remedial medicine and if its replacing pharmaceuticals and surgery , that’s highly commendable.

  5. It would be great if she wrote a book on what homeopathy products she, what they contain andused for.

  6. I second Lorraine…that would be really helpful.

  7. I believe it is a standard first aid and acute care kit that is available from homeopathic pharmacies.

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