Veterinarian With Science Background Praises The Deep and Effective Treatments Achieved With Homeopathy

Veterinary Surgeon Nick Thompson talks about how after initially rejecting alternative medicine, because his parents used that approach, he came to use homeopathy in his veterinary practice.

4 Responses

  1. This is another great testimonial to homeopathy. I think that the criticism of homeopathy as being unscientific can be laid to rest when we see well trained scientists like this individual now practicing homeopathy. And there are many, many more like him researching and practicing homeopathy.

  2. I have personally seen homeopathy work well with my family and pets so it is great that there are veterinarians and one with such a strong science background practising and discussing homeopathy.

  3. Exciting- pets deserve the marvellous benefits of homeopathy too!

  4. What a dramatic testimonial to homeopathy’s benefits.

    And I agree, someone with such a strong science background being involved with homeopathy should put to rest those without this background criticizing homeopathy for being “unscientific”.

    Homeopathy has been practised safely for over 200 years with millions of people and animals benefiting on a daily and ongoing basis.

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