Homeopathy Research Conference Momentum Continues

The sold out Homeopathy Research Conference shows that many scientists and researchers consider homeopathy research a valid and substantial scientific endeavour. The momentum from the conference continues. Many different topics were discussed and some interesting research is available.

The primary goal for this conference was to gather together the best researchers in the world, from as many subfields of homeopathy research as possible. Thanks to input from HRI’s Scientific Advisory Committee, plus other expert reviewers from around the world who kindly volunteered their time, this goal was achieved.

250 delegates came from 39 countries to hear presentations by speakers from 17 countries, making this a truly international event.

The high calibre of the 35 oral presentations was evident throughout the intensive programme which included talks by six Professors and 28 Doctors (PhDs and/or medics), from institutions as far afield as the University of Washington (USA), University of Berne (Switzerland), Universidade Estual de Maringa (Parana, Brazil) and the Universities of Verona and Bologna (Italy).

Discussions of new findings captured the ‘cutting edge’ theme of the conference, from developments in fundamental research investigating the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines, to cross-disciplinary topics such as the growing evidence that homeopathic remedies can modulate gene expression and can exert a ‘field effect’.


A video is available:

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