Homeopaths Without Borders Treat Haitians Successfully

Dr. Nancy Eos, a 30 year emergency room medical doctor who now enthusiastically uses homeopathy led a group of homeopaths to treat Haitians with homeopathy in the aftermath of the earthquake.”The group set up shop in two tents next to a clinic and hospital, and treated more than 2,000 patients in three days.”

The more serious injuries went into the clinic or hospital. And many of the gravest cases, such as amputees, were at the main base of relief operations some five miles away at the airport. The mission of the homeopaths was to deal with what Eos called the walking wounded.

Eos said that when they first arrived there was a lot of skepticism about homeopathy. But by the time the doctors left, the Haitians “were embracing us and thanking us.”

Eos understands those who don’t embrace homeopathy. As an emergency room doctor for 30 years, she initially had a hard time herself. “It took me a few years, when I was changing over from the regular medicine way of thinking into the homeopathic or energetic ways of thinking of medicine,” she said. “It was tough, and that’s why I don’t fault any physician now for not being able to understand us, or for not embracing our way of thinking, because it’s much different than what we were taught in medical school.”

The River Reporter


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this story! I love the work that Homeopaths Without Borders does. One day I hope to be in the field helping with them.

  2. I thihk the system works in hands of good homeopaths. I believe in looking for results rather than looking from my beliefs and looks like what they are doing is working. We use electricity everyday but really do not understand it ? As is said ” Understanding is bobby price “. I am sure similar stuff was said about Einstein too as his theories were not all that well understood or accepted at the time. Looks like it happens a lot. Takes a while to have a theoritical understanding . Looks like now the Einstein’s therory may be partially not true as it looks like CERN in Europe may have found particles which travel faster than speed of light which Einstein though was not possible. Einsten himself was not fond of Quantum Physics. I am sure there are some who misuse it too. So what else is new

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