Skeptics and Pharmaceutical Companies Encourage Self Treatment- Its Big Business

One of the biggest false criticisms of homeopaths is that they will prevent someone or a child from getting emergency or acute medical care while they are doing homeopathy. This has been disproven both in the UK and in India.

In India, where homeopathy is well established,  homeopaths work in hospitals and clinics side by side with conventional medical doctors. And when someone sees a professional homeopath in the UK they get MORE engaged in their health care and are in fact, MORE likely to seek diagnosis and care from conventional medical facilities. Homeopaths encourage seeing a medical doctor and getting conventional testing during homeopathic treatment.

But more importantly and tragically, the deflection that pharmaceutically funded skeptic groups are practising is to take away the heat from the fact that the over the counter medication business is BIG BUSINESS. They want to protect that. Last year 34.5 BILLION US dollars in the USA was spent on over the counter medications. Here in the UK over 2.47 BILLION British pounds was spent last year on over the counter medications. []

This is an enormous amount and the sales of over the counter medications encourages self diagnosis and self medication by MILLIONS of people. Even cortisone laden drugs are now available over the counter. This type of activity is advertised and PROMOTED by drug companies. It is too easy for someone to give their children an over the counter medication for a serious problem rather than seeing a professional. Skeptics would like you to ignore that inconvenient truth.

And lets not forget that there are many terrible side effects from these over the counter drugs. Tragically, the leading cause of liver failure in children is  Paracetamol also called acetaminophen.

So lets get real. Homeopathy has an incredible 200 year history of safety and efficacy. Registered homeopaths are conscientious professionals you can rely upon for safe and effective medical care in conjunction with conventional diagnostic resources.