Cuban COVID-19 Prevention Study Gets Spectacular Results Using Homeopathic Remedy in 1 Million People

Cuban officials have been using a homeopathic remedy for the prevention of COVID. At first almost 46,000 health workers received the remedy yet only 62 of those persons developed COVID. Then 953,416 families received the remedy.

“The HP [Homeoprophylaxis] campaign started on 1 April, and a total of 45,914 individuals from the included health facilities received PrevengHo®-Vir until 30 April (97.8% of this universe), with only 62 persons positive to COVID-19.”

“The medication was distributed to 953,416 families in 43 municipalities when Cuba accumulated 1537 patients positive to COVID-19.” Then…4 patients from Plaza de la Revolucion municipality in Havana tested positive to COVID-19 after its completion (0,002% of the population from these 3 municipalities)”.

Stay safe! See a registered homeopathic practitioner in your area today.

8 Responses

  1. Hi – am trying to get back to the original source of this excellent news – the ijrh is not showing it? Thanks.

  2. What remedy did they use?

    I’m a retired homeopath of 25 years, in Canada.

  3. The wife (cuban) of a friend of mine told me that in every house the cuban medical staff delivered homeophatic treatment against covid. So this study is for real.

  4. Excellent news! I wish I were able to contact the Cuban Institute that has developed this remedy…

  5. Do you know if the study has been organised and conducted by the Finlay Institute? Is it possible to get any reference to a publication?
    Thank you in advance!

  6. Its on the front page of their web site:
    Large-scale homoeoprophylaxis as an add-on measure to prevent COVID-19 disease: Cuban preliminary experiences Highly accessed article p. 293

    You can also get information as to contacting them from the pdf of this report. Not sure what the homeopathic is made from.

  7. Homoeopathy helps alot

  8. Bravo Cuba

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