Homeopathy Shines as Modern Medicine Melts Down During Corona Pandemic

Cuba’s whole population took a homeopathic prophylaxis and the statistics as far as Coronavirus cases show amazing results. In Cuba there have been only 1,916 cases and 81 deaths in a population of 11 million people. Compare this to Belgium which also has a population of about 11 million- they have had 56,511 cases with 9,212 deaths as of this writing. [Worldometers.info]

The USA statistics and deaths are even worse. Considering the USA has one of the most advanced systems of modern medicine, and one of the most pharmaceutically driven populations, the results are shocking. And according to Medscape, which bills itself as “the leading online destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide,” almost every day there are different medical procedures described and then contested.

Some medical interventions become new standards of care that are then reversed. Many new procedures and statistical predictions are then criticized for not being evidence based or vice versa. To Medscape’s credit they have not censored the dizzying differing medical opinions and approaches to COVID-19.

Governments are now under the direction and control of medical doctors . Yet There is even suspicion of the testing and outright mistrust by medical doctors of new statistical predictors:

“When hope outstrips reason, we sometimes prematurely pin our hopes on tests that aren’t as good as we want them to be,” “Smart clinicians all around the country are not believing the test results…”.

-[Colin West, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and biostatistics at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota..https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/930650 ]

Governments have put in place restrictive public health orders based on contested information.

And of course, like all things conventional medical interventionist, the toll on chronic health is not taken into consideration. We now have tens of millions who are depressed, sick and without work and many that are recovering are in dire straights.

The Corona virus is showing the emperor, (Modern conventional medicine), has no clothes. According to many articles in Medscape, experienced medical doctors are confused about what the symptoms of Covid really are, confused to the number and type of drugs and procedures patients with Covid should be receiving.

One very experienced doctor said:

“It is common to see physicians using not one but many unproven drugs simultaneously. The situation is baffling…” [https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/930755 ]

Homeopathy has an over 200 year history of safety and effectiveness. It has an underlying philosophy and clinical application that is not hampered by varying individual presentations of the same disease. And historically even in epidemics it was dramatically effective. In spite of much censorship, the good news is that homeopathy is working now! The results of small pockets around the world such as Cuba and parts of India and individual treatment in other countries are showing that.

2 Responses

  1. No more delay, WHO, all global health care providers and all country’s Governments should take proper decision against COVID-19 by homoeopathic intervention like Cuba and India.

  2. These results deserve Media attention at the national level in countries that have integrated Homeopathy into their local healthcare ministries.

    The volume of attention harnessed should be enough to start a conversation with Global health authorities.

    I am willing to lead this project should others show interest.

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