Canadian Reporters Lie to Public Officials in Their Attack on Homeopathy

Canadian Broadcasting Company or Canadian funded  reporters are on a mission to destroy homeopathy and anyone who criticizes their reporters. First a reporter for the CBC as it is called in Canada, wrote an article decrying the practice of homeopathy and frequently describes homeopathic remedies as “sugar pills”. In the  first article she bitterly complains there is nothing in those “sugar pills”.

Then after Anke Zimmerman ND, a naturopath who practises homeopathy wrote a well written response to the reporter’s first article, the reporter made a vindictive attack on this lovely hardworking Canadian naturopath. 

On Anke Zimmerman’s web site she describes a profound cure of a child with severe neurobehavioral problems who was treated by the remedy Lyssin which is a homeopathic energetic resonance of rabies.  The reporter then goes to various public government officials telling them that this practitioner is giving  actual “rabies” to children and asking their opinion.  The reporters continue to discuss this remedy and all homeopathic remedies as if they had something  in them. An exact opposite of the first attack based on “nothing in them.” The reporter knew full well that homeopathic Lyssin, has no trace of rabies in it but is rather an energetic imprint or message of it.

Unfortunately, objective reporting and fairness as demonstrated numerous times in the recent past goes out the window in the sponsored attack on homeopathy.

This would have been and still is an opportunity to educate the public about the profound and positive curative effects of homeopathic energetic remedies.

Homeopathy has an over 200 year history of effectiveness and safety. It is used by tens of millions of people worldwide with satisfactory and even brilliant results for both acute and chronic conditions.

4 Responses

  1. The skeptics want it both ways. They want to ridicule that there is nothing in the remedy (but interesting that Nobel prize winner Montagnier is proving that the water in homeopathic remedy has a memory and gives out a signal) and they then say it is dangerous. Weird. But also vindictive and dangerous threatening of those seeking alternatives to proven dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

    They would better spend their time looking into the fact that a large percentage of live virus and bacteria vaccines are made in China without any oversight or quality control.

  2. I would say we need to go on the counter reporter stance and report of the failed cases of vaccination.

  3. What a despicable person that reporter is. The strange thing is that with that homeopathic remedy the naturopath cured a child with severe problems. This should be lauded rather than put into a tangle of lies and terrible repercussions the reporter initiated.

  4. Actually, in Canada, the CBC has an ombudsman that processes complaints about reporters. The article by the reporter on homeopathy was so bad that there were a lot of complaints from the public.

    It was obvious the reporter was a member of the “skeptic”group in Canada. She used a lot of their buzz words. Not really reporting but rather making opinions. Anke Zimmerman wrote to the ombudsman and so the reporter got her revenge.

    Its time to let alternative health do their thing. Its funny, 100s of thousands of people get botulism injected into them every day. No peep about that.

    Time for homeopathy. Its got a great record of safety and yes, the person receiving the remedy was cured of serious problems! No MENTION of that by the reporter or others picking up the story.

    Keep kicking butt homeopaths.

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