Is McGill University in Canada Sponsoring Attacks on Homeopathy?

A public university in Quebec Canada called McGill University and a professor there named Joe Schwarcz received millions of dollars of funding by the head of a pharmaceutical company. It was to scientifically “investigate homeopathy”. By giving the money to a public institution it was therefore tax deductible.

This head of the pharmaceutical company, also funds other anti homeopathy skeptic groups. Mr. Scwarcz was a known skeptic and opponent of homeopathy and of course a fair and scientific investigation by him from the outset was impossible.

In fact, it appears no real scientific investigation has taken place. Instead Mr. Scwarcz continued to attack homeopathy (which he was doing before) and even took out ads in major Canadian newspapers to increase the newly funded attack. He espouses that pharmaceutical medicine is the only scientific medicine.

Mr. Scwarcz has made sure that no one finds out that one of the leading research chemists and scientists was so impressed with homeopathy that he decided to study it.  Dr Lionel R Milgrom BSc, MSc, PhD, CChem, FRSC, LCH, MARH, RHom. is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and his research and articles are highly cited in leading science journals. Dr. Migrom expertly and persuasively contends that there is a definitive scientific basis for homeopathy. He joins many other professors, researchers, scientists as well as highly trained medical doctors and specialists who are very pro-homeopathy.

Media outlets have not contacted any of the multitude of these scientists and researchers to get a pro-homeopathy comment. Instead,  Mr. Scwarcz and his cohorts have, with deep pockets, dominated the media discussion on homeopathy.

With the most recent pharmaceutical industry sourced funding going to the University of McGill the question that is being asked is-  ‘Is a Canadian public institution therefore supporting and sponsoring attacks on Homeopathy?’

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  1. Have you contacted McGill and asked them about this?

  2. It seems that the media have bitten the bait and line up to condemn homeopathy without talking to many highly qualified researchers and scientists who are very passionate about the incredible scientific horizon that homeopathy has opened up.

    In France, Germany and Switzerland there are thousands of medical doctors and even medical specialists who practice homeopathy. Their scientific training and then their decision to pursue homeopathy speaks loads about its scientific validity.

  3. Simple way to silence the sceptics: All you need to do is cite one or two replicated robust-quality double-blinded randomised control trials that demonstrates that homeopathy is distinguishable from placebo.

    …then sit back and watch the sceptics squirm and self-implode.

  4. Have you contacted McGill and asked them about this?

  5. Here’s the answer to your question Mr. Henness:

  6. homeopathyresource said:

    Here’s the answer to your question Mr. Henness:

    That is so wrong, ignorant and inept it’s hilarious! Thanks for the laughs!

    But enough of the defamation, have you contacted McGill yet? I bet you’re dying to publish their response, aren’t you?

  7. I knew that whatever answer is given to you, that you will rip on it to make some point that demonstrates your nastiness about alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine and confirms your fetish about being anti-alternative health. The link reveals your terrible history of nasty irrational attacks on alternative health and researchers and practitioners.

    Hey, you just confirmed your real intentions- I was waiting for it and knew it would happen.

  8. I ponder the nature of those who attack Homoeopathy without any training or experience in the field.
    It is usually vested interest, concrete mindset or fear through ignorance denying the core understandings in the essence of Homoeopathy.
    For those to come to an understanding of the harm done in the propagation, implementation and vigorous defense of their positions would surly be unsettling.
    We are living through the unprecedented destruction of natural order – this best summed up for me as “Reification”.

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