International Scientific Research Group on Homeopathy Meets in Florence

The twenty sixth meeting of GIRI (International Research Group on Very-­low dose and High-­Dilution Effects), met in Florence, Italy on September 20-­22, 2012. The program was organized around four main axes: physicochemical features of HD [high dilution], studies in plants and the field, clinical and veterinary evidence, and laboratory models.
Paolo Bellavite and Lucietta Betti from the Department of Pathology and Diagnostics, University of Verona, Italy and the Department of Agroenvironmental Sciences and Technologies, University of Bologna, Italy discuss the issues presented:

For two centuries, homeopathy and science were considered to be two opposing and conflicting fields. Now things are changing, as scientific evidence begins to support many homeopathic tenets, and the homeopathic world increasingly stimulates science to investigate previously under-­evaluated and little understood subtle phenomena. For 26 years, GIRI has been promoting a fruitful dialog for the sake of furthering true science, i.e., science free from ideological barriers and preconceptions. Novel evidences have quite often disrupted previously dismissed phenomena grew in importance within new conceptual frameworks. The unusual properties of HD, which deserve further investigation, are potentially relevant not only ␣the environmental sciences and the future of humankind as a whole.

The full editorial pdf. article can be downloaded from here.

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