Indian Homeopathic Doctors Double Over Two Decades to 246,000

In the last decade India’s registered homeopathic practitioners have doubled and the number of homeopathic hospitals and dispensaries has increased four fold. In 1980 there were 105,000 registered homeopaths and in 2010, 246,000 registered homeopaths.

According to the Times of India, the estimated number of people in India using homeopathy in 2010 was 120 million and by 2013 the number is likely to exceed 160 million.

Director general of Central Council for Research in homeopathy Dr R K Manchanda said, “Till now, the benefits of homeopathy were established through observational studies. Now we are validating homeopathy’s benefits through randomized controlled trials and fundamental research. Homeopathy is especially beneficial for arthritis, skin and respiratory diseases, gastric problems like irritable bowel syndrome and allergies. Homeopathy costs one fifth of an allopathic consultation in any government set up.”

Source: Times of India


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  1. This is a best kept secret in the world, especially covered up by skeptics who challenge homeopathy. There are MILLIONS of people who use homeopathy and benefit from it very profoundly. Not only that, in India, we have a very good system of scientific education, and someone like myself who is educated in all the advanced sciences is very appreciative of how well homeopathy works. We will continue to do very good scientific studies to prove its value, but more importantly we will continue to use it because it is just better than conventional medicine in many medical problems.

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