New Scientific Study Shows Homeopathic Remedy Has Significant Effect

A new study has been performed at the Cytogenics and Molecular Biology Laboratory Department of Zoology, India with amazing results. The study can be seen here in the JCIM Journal.

“The Objective: Whether ultra-highly diluted homeopathic remedies can affect living systems is questionable. Therefore, this study sees value in the analysis of whether homeopathically diluted glucose 30C has any effect on Escherichia coli exposed to arsenite stress.”

The astounding results were:

” In arsenite-exposed E. coli, the glucose uptake increased along with decreases in the specific activities of hexokinase and glucokinase, intracellular ATP and membrane potential and an increase in the gene expression level of glucose permease. Glucose uptake increased further by addition of 1%, 3% or ultra-highly diluted glucose in the medium, but not by the placebo.”

Heidi Stevenson writes more about it in Gaia Health:

“A new study shows that the effects of a homeopathic preparation of glucose on arsenic-poisoned E. coli bacteria are significant. Researchers focused on arsenic (in the form of arsenite) because it’s a common toxin, so virtually all animal life has the ability to detox it. They compared the effects of homeopathic Glucose 30C, in which it’s nearly impossible for any molecules of the original substance to be left, with normal controls and a “placebo” dose. The researchers were blinded during observation and scoring results.”

This study has profound implications and is easily replicable. The Lab used modern technological equipment.

“The experiment was performed by Indian researchers from the Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Department of Zoology at the University of Kalyani in Kalyani, India.

The methodology was simple and straightforward. Samples of E. coli cultures were grown to their log phase (meaning their full growth level within the culture) for each variation on the arsenite application. They were:

  • Control, no arsenite added
  • Arsenite added at 1mmol/liter
  • Arsenite added at 2 mmol/liter

Each measurement was done in nine culture samples. The E. coli bacteria were not disease-inducing variants.

Several measurements were taken at 45 minutes and at 90 minutes. The results were recorded and averaged, with variances (±) noted. The following measurements were done:

  1. Glucose uptake by spectrophotometric analysis
  2. Hexokinase assay by spectrophotometric analysis
  3. Glucokinase assay by spectrophotometric analysis
  4. Total ATP by luminometric study
  5. Membrane potential by spectrofluorimetric method
  6. Membrane potential by flow-cytometry method
  7. RNA isolation, cDNA preparation and gene level expression study by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction
  8. Quantitative real-time reverse transcription-PCR
  9. Extracellular arsenic by atomic absorption spectroscope
  10. Intracellular arsenic by atomic absorption spectroscope

This review will cover only the first four and last two measurements taken. Those will suffice to demonstrate that significant effects were observed as a result of the application of Glucose 30C.

Heidi Stevenson as published in Gaia Health

2 Responses

  1. Always good to see the research cited. Even though we know homeopathy is effective, the greater public needs to see this. Thank you for posting!

  2. […] New Scientific Study Shows Homeopathic Remedy Has Significant Effect […]

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