Dr. Oz: “Alternative Medicine Empowers Us”

In a show on Alternative Medicine Dr. Oz on the The Dr. Oz Show came out dramatically in favour of consumers using alternative medicine. He had a Scripp’s clinic cardiologist on who recommends and discusses alternative health therapies with her patients.

He also discussed why “your doctor is afraid of alternative medicine” and mainstream America is using alternative health. On the show he asserts that 40 per cent of Americans use alternative health.

After a doctor on the show who represented the skeptic movement was rebuked for using research over 10 years old to come to the conclusion that alternative health modalities including acupuncture doesn’t work, the skeptics are attempting to attack and immolate Dr. Oz. In the end, Dr. Oz said that alternative health is a grassroots movement and empowering to consumers of health care.

The Dr. Oz show is the most watched health show in the world.

You can watch the show here.

One Response

  1. Dr. Oz and the esteemed cardiologist, both pro alternatives were physicians for the people. The skeptic on the show was a physician for the drug companies. He had all the usual skeptic stuff about consumers not knowing their own bodies and only drug companies knowing what is best for consumers. This flies in the face of the fact that as Vanity Fair recently wrote, over 200,000 Americans die from prescription drug problems per year.

    The skeptic seemed to suggest that getting addicted to pain killers is a lot better than using alternative medicine for chronic pain. This is where Dr. Oz and the cardiologist disagreed vehemently with him. The problem of prescription drug addiction is one that pharmaceutical company doctors want to suppress.

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