Drug Company Public Relations Consultant Rallies Forces Against Homeopathy in British Parliamentary Committee

Tracy Brown, an experienced Public Relations Consultant for drug companies and oil companies, will be leading and presenting arguments against homeopathy in a British parliamentary committee this week. Tracy Brown is now director of Sense about Science which is directly sponsored by drug and medical appliance companies. Other associates of hers, including Ben Goldacre have received funding from Drug Companies in the form of “awards” and they will be joining her in presenting “evidence” against homeopathy. Some of the “evidence” against alternative medical practitioners has been created using fraudulent sources.

Sense about Science has led the attack on homeopathy and homeopaths in the UK. Some prominent British homeopaths and supporters will be presenting pro-homeopathy arguments.

Tracy Brown also worked as a Research Associate in the Sociology Department at the University of Kent, Canterbury, where Frank Furedi is a professor.  Frank Furedi is a founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party and members have taken up the anti homeopathy cause since it is not representative of the materialist philosophy of their charismatic leader. Furedi continues to be a leading figure in a network of organisations, characterised by a vigorous anti-homeopathy, anti-environmentalist and pro-GM stance.

Some strange happenings in England.


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  2. You will be pleased to know that the UK Parliamentary committe kicked out the objections of Senseless Science (as i call it). Not least no doubt because of all the excellent research in support of homoepathy which was presented. If only the press would publish some of it!! There are no newspapers in the UK who have \the guts to stand up to the drug companies – hence ben witchunter general and his ilk who – as you say are paid by drug companies to mind their interests for them. Recently, one third of UK MPs also signed an ED motion in support of homoeopathy on the NHS. (Many were not aware of the EDM.) Meanwhile, we all continue to do our good work.

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