Dana Ullman Lights Up The Huffington Post

Dana Ullman Masters of Public Health, is a new writer for the Huffington Post. His Masters of Public Health status and homeopathic training  has led him to write some articles which take a look at modern health challenges from a different perspective. Homeopathy is more than just the taking or selling of homeopathic remedies. It has to do with an approach to health and disease that determines a real curative modality. The homeopathic profession have a lot to offer individuals considering the dismal overall results of modern medicine. WebMD reports that one in five individuals entering their 60s will have some sort of disability.

Dana Ullman in one of his articles writes about differentiating real healing from suppression of disease. Suppression of disease may be the reason we are seeing such a rise in disability statistics:

Differentiating Real Healing from Suppression of Disease

When a person experiences relief from any treatment, conventional or alternative, one should not necessarily assume that a real healing has occurred.  While it is possible that the person may really have been healed, it may also mean:

  • the symptoms went away on their own, and the treatment had nothing to do with it.
  • the treatment palliated the symptoms, providing short-term relief but resulted in the recurrence of symptoms in the near future.
  • the treatment “worked” by suppressed the person’s symptoms or his/her own immune and defense system, thereby pushing the disease deeper into body. Although suppression of symptoms may cause them to disappear, they tend to be replaced, sooner or later, with more serious, deeper symptoms that are more discomforting and potentially dangerous.

Homeopaths and naturopaths both assert that there is a big difference between real healing, palliation of symptoms, and suppression of disease, even though each of these results may initially seem to be the same.

What people don’t usually understand is that there may be a danger in the frequent or recurrent application of treatments that suppress symptoms.  The concept of suppressing symptoms is well accepted and understood in psychology.  It is commonly observed when a person suppresses his or her emotions, such actions tend to push the emotional turmoil deeper, leading the person to explode at some future time, often at people who are not directly related to the origin of the person’s problem.

Link here to see a list of all of Dana Ullman’s articles on Huffington Post.


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