Anti-Homeopathy Letter Writers Sponsored By Large Pharmaceutical Companies

Anti-homeopathy letters and emails from Voice of Young Science  innundated officials at the World Health Organization complaining about the few homeopaths treating patients in Africa. It prompted an unofficial response by some individuals in W.H.O.

Voice of Young Science as part of Sense about Science is directly sponsored by pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer Plc who have joined together to deal with the emerging African HIV drug market. Sense about Science also has links to a number of prominent online blogs,  magazines and other media outlets.

Many of the directors and workers in this “non-profit” Sense about Science organization previously worked or consulted as public relations representatives for drug companies.One of the directors was a specialist  in what is called “reputation risk management” and “crisis management” public relations and has been involved in “countering campaigns by environmental, health and development NGOs”. Her public relations company’s clients “were previously nearly all pharmaceutical, oil or biotechnology companies”.(SourceWatch)

Sense about Science is also a lobbying organization for the pro-genetically modified food lobby in the UK. They  are currently attempting to inundate UK Members of Parliament with anti-homeopathy letters in a similar fashion to their WHO anti-homeopathy campaign. This is also similar to the Sense about Science pro-genetically modified food  and anti-environmental campaigns.


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  1. I have been a Dr for nearly 50 years and a Homeopath for 20 plus now.
    Just a few days ago a woman came with fear of not sleeping in our very hot weather in Australia. She felt she would break down if not helped. She accepted that it was her agitation about the fact that was her pathology. She has slept well this last few very hot nights and feels so much better after I prescribed a homeopathic remedy for her. There is no way I could have acheived that safely through the use of sleeping tablets or anti anxiety drugs,

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