Jenny McCarthy is a Supporter of Alternative Health Methods

Jenny McCarthy’s organization Generation Rescue arose from her having an autistic son. She and her Dr. have successfully treated his autism using alternative health means. Homeopathy has successfully treated autism as well.

She also believes that vaccines particularly the number currently given have caused autism, neurological problems, ADHD (Attention Deficits) and even more deaths. She has successfuly gathered scientists together to discuss these ideas and has prompted some studies and surveys herself.

A study on her web site also notes that although the United States has the highest rate of vaccination it also has one of the highest rates of mortality for children under 5 years old. She has also done a vaccine versus unvaccinated survey with some startling results.

Vaccinated boys were 155% more likely to have a neurological disorder (RR 2.55), Vaccinated boys were 224% more likely to have ADHD (RR 3.24


In 1983, the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) recommended a total of 10 vaccines for our children up to the age of 5. In 2007, the CDC recommends 36, an increase of 260%, or 3.6x. (See a comparison here).

During this time period, we have witnessed an epidemic of childhood neurological disorders (“NDs”). Today, the CDC estimates that 1 in 13 U.S. children has been diagnosed with ADHD and 1 in 150 has been diagnosed with autism. In the 1980s, ADHD was almost unheard of and autism was estimated to affect 1 in 10,000 children. Boys are significantly more affected by NDs, accounting for approximately 80% of all cases.



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  1. There is also an excellent book that is recommended on her web site which is written by a homeopath, Randall Neustaedter.

    It is called “The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults.

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