Fivefold Increase In Kidney Stones In Children


Why is it that our children are getting more and more chronic problems that were only showing up in adults? Is it because of the number of conventional drugs, including vaccines that they are ingesting? And why is it that with the amount of conventional medicine that is available in the Western World these serious conditions have not been prevented but are increasing?

USA Today in an article reports that children are now experiencing kidney stones and in some areas in the United States of America the problem is at epidemic proportions.

At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the number of children treated for kidney stones since 2005 has climbed from about 10 a year to five patients a week now, said Dr. Pasquale Casale.

Johns Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore, a referral center for children with stones, used to treat one or two youngsters a year 15 or so years ago. Now it gets calls about new cases every week, said kidney specialist Dr. Alicia Neu.

They speculate it may be a nutritional problem but could it also be as a result of all the vaccines and medications that children are getting? 


2 Responses

  1. If conventional medicine, which is so widespread, was doing its job why are we seeing such an increase in these kinds of conditions, particularly in children. IUn spite of all the other environmental factors conventional medicine should be raising our children’s health. But overall, this is not happening.

    Homeopaths know that conventional drugs usually suppress and cause deeper problems . Homeopathy can relieve these problems and raise general health.

  2. We should be alarmed at all the chronic disease and autism that is showing up in children. I do think this situation is a result of all the vaccines that children get and all the drugs, particularly antibiotics that they take.

    I have had all four of my children treated homeopathically over the years and they have done exceptionally well. They are healthy, strong, independent and successful. Thank you homeopathy and homeopaths everywhere!!!!

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