Extensive Study Concludes Homeopathic Remedies and Treatment Are Safe

A study entitled: “The Safety of Homeopathy”  published January 2009 by the European Council for Classical Homeopathy has concluded that homeopathic remedies are safe.

The report was based on the results of the following approaches:  

• a description of regulation and production methods for HMPs; 

• a literature review considering current research evidence for the safety of HMPs; 

• a survey on the safety of treatment provided by practitioners; 

• an overview of regulation of the practice of homeopathy; and 

• an overview of international measures taken by the profession to self-regulate. 

The report also looked at over 20 observational studies with a total of 7,275 patients. 

Some of the conclusions were:

“There is overall agreement between practitioners, national Governments and the European Union institutions that the safety of patients is of paramount importance. There is also a widespread and longstanding belief that CAM therapies such as homeopathy have a high safety profile when correctly administered. Some authors have however pointed out the need for such claims to be researched. 

Current evidence seems to support the claim that ADRs rarely arise in connection with HMPs [homeopathic remedies] and where they do they are only mild or moderate, and transient. We have been unable to find any evidence to support a claim that HMPs may cause serious AE or ADR. The results we have seen are in line with claims such as those put forward by Reilly (2005) who states that homeopathy lacks the potential for life-threatening side effects and it may be used in pregnancy and the treatment of infants and children without risk of harm. ”

For more information check out the web site of the ECCH: http://www.homeopathy-ecch.eu

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